A Research Study On Pediatric Diabetes Service

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This case study focuses on a 15 year old female patient who for the purpose of this paper will be called Layla.
Layla has got Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and is categorised as obese; she is seen within the Burton Hospital Paediatric Diabetes Service (BHPDS).
Layla was admitted into hospital in June 2014 with severe hypoglycaemia of an unknown cause. Layla agreed to be a case study in front of a senior member of staff and both of her grandparents, who are her legal guardians.
Layla was chosen as a case study to increase my knowledge on the potential implications of obesity/being overweight, with T1D and whether or not having T1D puts patients more at risk of becoming overweight. Additionally, using Layla as a case study allows me to explore the evidence for other dietary recommendations in Paediatric T1D including carbohydrate counting (CC) which most patients within the BHPDS are now required to be using from diagnosis.
From this research I am hoping to learn more about what other Paediatric Diabetes Services are doing and find new ideas to develop my, the Dietitian’s, role within the BHPDS. This is a relatively new role, created in 2013 after the implementation of the Best Practise Tariff (BPT) which is discussed later in this paper.
What I learn can be disseminated to other team members within both the Dietetic Department at Queens Hospital (QH) and within the BHPDS.
Aim of treatment
• Promote glycemic control and reduce incidence of episodes of hypoglycaemia and…
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