A Research Study On Pennypure Labs Essay

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PennyPure Labs is a highly renowned organization, which has enjoyed a high degree of success due to it advancements in the research and development of new and improved antibiotics. However, currently it is suffering from organizational behavioral issues at the hands of a highly qualified manager, who is having difficulty in adapting to his new role, culturally and emotionally. He is disengaged from three of his employees, who have attained tremendous success at the company, but are not being given the responsibility they deserve due to favoritism and preference shown by their manager towards his fellow native employees. There have also been complaints of unfair and unethical policies, job dissatisfaction, verbal communication issues between the manager and the concerned employees, and non-responsive behavior shown by management towards the scientists requirements. As a result the organization is seeking an action plan in order to resolve the various quarrels, as they would like to resolve the disputes internally and not have the employees seek external mediation.

Issue Identification:

Firstly, let’s examine the positives of the organization; it is a well-established institution, primarily research focused, and based in Mid America, a not so affluent part of the country. It encompasses around 200 employees and several labs. Dr. Tsing, was hired to run Lab 2A one of the most important labs in the facility, primarily due to his international expertise in the field and
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