A Research Study On Physical Education

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The young adults in this study are likely to become coaches, physical education teachers or even professional athletes. These professions play an important role in education and may greatly influence the young people with whom they interact. Results of these surveys could help in developing programmes to reduce or prevent abuse of alcohol and other substances in these students who may then influence future generations. Participants
Two thousand and one hundred Australian university students who played an in season (summer or winter) sport participated in this study. All participants were over 18 years old and had a mean age of 19.9 ± 1.8 (mean ± SD). The sample contained 899 (42.81%) females and 1163 (55.38%) males (with 38 participants (1.81%) neglecting to answer the question this data was gathered from). Two thousand and five hundred students were asked to participate in the study so the two thousand and one hundred who accepted meant there was a response rate of eighty-four percent.
The survey consisted of a pen and paper questionnaire that collected demographic data (gender) as well as measuring participant’s alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harms, and masculinity.
The participant’s alcohol consumption was measured using the alcohol consumption subscale (AUDIT-C) section of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) which identifies hazardous or harmful alcohol consumption. The AUDIT-C contains 3 questions which assess the frequency and…
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