A Research Study On Physician Assisted Suicide

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Living Proof, Miss Evers Boys, and You Don’t Know Jack are all movies based off of true events. These three movies all faced ethical and unethical events. Living Proof has to do with a compassionate research doctor that is trying to get a drug for breast cancer called Herceptin approved through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This Film has some unethical and ethical events take place like favoritism, the funding, and of course the process to get FDA approval. Miss Evers Boys had several unethical events occur during the Tuskegee study. This study was to see if black men had the same symptoms to syphilis as the white men did. In this film the providers lied to their patients, broke confidentiality, and misrepresented theirself. You Don’t Know Jack is a film about physician assisted suicide. Is it ethical to be able to end your life at any given point and time that you want? Should be allowed to legalized physician assisted suicide Jack is the physician in this movie that believes very strong in people being able to have the assistants of a physician to end their own life.
Living Proof is a great film in my opinion. Dr. Slamon is a very compassionate doctor and never gave up on his research or his beliefs. He made a lot of sacrifices when it came to family time while he was trying to development Herceptin and going through the process of getting it approved through FDA. When trying to get something FDA approved it can be tricky due to so many eligibility…

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