A Research Study On Pre Eclampsia

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This analysis research paper about Pre-eclampsia gives a background on the underlying and ongoing issues that this disease has presented in women’s health. Pre-eclampsia is a serious life-threatening condition during pregnancy that causes hypertension, swelling, and death in the pregnant woman and fetus. Numerous studies have been conducted in the last thirty years that have proven that the reduced use of sodium has in fact, increased a pregnant woman’s chances of developing this disease even though, it has been thought that reducing sodium would actually help the mother. This has caused Dr. Brewer to develop “ The Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet” which actually goes against what most western medical professionals believe that will help prevent preeclampsia in pregnant women. This paper will include a case study done on various women and the astonishing results that can change women’s health forever.

The Truth About Sodium and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life. The anxiousness of bringing another human being into world can keep a healthy pregnant woman excited. A pregnant woman may also become anxious about the “not so comfortable” pregnancy symptoms such as, pain, exhaustion, hunger, and weight gain. With all these new things happening, it is no wonder women are running to their Obstetrician and Midwives to see what is normal and what’s not. Some women attempt to control their weight gain and cut back on foods, hoping to slow
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