A Research Study On Primary Data

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Primary data is when the person collects the data themselves by observation or survey methods. This is for their own purposes to obtain a realistic and first hand picture or what they are looking to research such as a group or society. There are lots of methods to collect primary data such as: Social surveys – this is done by asking a person individually or in a group questions, this could be done by interview or by them doing a questionnaire. Participant observations – this is when the researcher joins in with the group that they are studying. An advantage of using primary data when researching is that the researcher is able to collect the exactly the information that they need for their study, or to test their hypothesis. However a…show more content…
An advantage of secondary data is that it is easy to obtain the information quickly and cheaply since someone else has already done the research. However the researches of the secondary data may not be researching the same thing as you therefore secondary sources of data may not provide the exactly information that you may need. 2. What are quantitative and qualitative data? Quantitative data is data that is in a numerical form such as official statistics. For example how many students got A*- C in their GCSE’s in 2013 or the percentage of marriages that end in divorces. Information that is also collected by opinion polls and market research surveys also collect quantitative data, such as how many people in the UK go on holidays abroad. Qualitative data is data that is in written form. Qualitative data gives a ‘feel’ for what something is like, such as what is feels like to get good results in GCSE’s. Data that is collected by doing participant observation is qualitative data as the aim of doing a participant observation is to give you a sense of what it’s like to be part of that group. Other research methods that collect qualitative data is an in-depth interview. As in an interview it gives you a sense of what the person is actually like. You cannot collect numerical data by doing an interview. 3. What practical issues influence the research process? Practical issues that may influence the research process are
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