A Research Study On Psychics

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Psychics are conducting a number of meetings with everyday people who all share the same belief in the omniscient powers of these so-called clairvoyant creatures. Besides those visiting the psychics, there are people who study and question the actual powers that the psychic posses. Dr. Peter Venkman was one of the people who had the desire to asses the legitimacy of extra-sensory perception, or ESP. In one of his studies, Dr. Venkman hypothesized that real psychics have special clairvoyant powers that non-psychics do not possess. He uses Dr. Venkman is going to use the Zener cards deck which contains 25 cards with 5 different shapes and with this he tries to determine psychics can tell the shape on the unseen card on the top. Evidence both challenges and supports the hypothesis of Dr. Venkman.
His hypothesis is supported in a study completed by a Duke University botanist, Joseph Banks Rhine. Rhine used 25 Zener cards with 5 different patterns of the top face of the card and asked subjects to guess the pattern before they could see them. He concluded that one will usually guess correctly 5 times of the 25 and those who guessed more, were clairvoyantly able. Also in support of Dr. Venkman’s theory was done by physicists Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ. They conducted experiments where subjects claimed to see a distant place through someone else’s eyes. Places were visited while the experimenter asked the subject to describe his impressions and some subjects…
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