A Research Study On Psychological Research

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Psychological research can be conducted using a number of different methods such as; Surveys- these can be conducted face to face or as written questions. The questions asked will be applicable to the research being studied. A target group is normally considered or random participants may be selected to partake.
Questionnaires- participants answer written questions specifically designed. Questionnaires are normally closed questions with yes or no answers but may also ask qualitive data if further information is necessary.
Interviews- a form of questioning and more one to one. This method can be in two forms, structured with specially selected questions and a clear direction of information needed to be gained or un-structured which may include flexible questions by the interviewer but no set direction of questioning (conversational).
Experiments- laboratory experiments are very controlled with specialist equipment. Field experiments are within a more natural setting for participants. Natural experiments can be researched after an incident such as a natural disaster has taken place (naturally occurring)
Case studies- are a process or record of research using other methods such as interviewing or observations. They may also contain secondary data of a target individual or group over a period of time.
Correlation research- this research is normally quantitative data gathering and determining a relationship between variables. In psychology this is normally based on the effects…
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