A Research Study On Psychological Research

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Psychological research can be conducted using a number of different methods such as; Surveys- these can be conducted face to face or as written questions. The questions asked will be applicable to the research being studied. A target group is normally considered or random participants may be selected to partake.
Questionnaires- participants answer written questions specifically designed. Questionnaires are normally closed questions with yes or no answers but may also ask qualitive data if further information is necessary.
Interviews- a form of questioning and more one to one. This method can be in two forms, structured with specially selected questions and a clear direction of information needed to be gained or un-structured which may
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These research methods will only be used if they are the best method for the aim and hypothesis of the experiment to use. (McLeod. S), (2007). (Brain.C et al), (2008).
The main psychological perspectives use research methods to gain evidence to support their theories on certain aspects of behaviour.
The Biological approach believes our genetic makeup and the Central Nervous System (CNS) is what controls our behaviour. One theory used by the Biological Approach is that our brain activity could be directly linked to our behaviour (Hebb`s book, The organisation of Behaviour 1949). This approach is the most scientific and combines psychology and biology to explain human behaviour. Methods of research identified with the Biological approach to support this theory are experimental within a laboratory, field and natural environment on both animals and humans, observations, case studies and collection of data from interviewing or questionnaires or secondary data e.g. medical records. (Brain.C et al) (2008).

The cognitive approach looks at our neurocognitive functions (mental processes) such as perception, attention, language, thinking, problem solving and memory and how these factors affect our behaviour. Cognitive psychologists use theories and models to explain the relationship between our biological process which determines how we then behave. Models such as the information processing model is one such
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