A Research Study On Psychology

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A case study is a qualitative research method that involves the observation of a person, group, or community over an extended period to identify the process and development of a particular issue of interest. Apart from observation, a case study may employ other data collection methods such as unstructured interviews; reading a subject’s personal diaries, personal notes, official documents, and analyzing a subject’s photos, which will help provide a detailed and clear profile of the study subject and a comprehension of the particular issue of interest in the subject. Since a case study is usually carried over long periods of time, it is usually more detailed than other research methods. Sometimes quantitative data may also be collected from a case study. It is not uncommon to find the application of a case study in Psychology for research. Renowned psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud, applied case studies in their psychological research. Examples of Freud’s famous case studies are The Rat Man and Little Hans, which he both carried out in 1909. Today, students of psychiatry and abnormal psychology are encouraged to employ case study in their development of clear insights about a certain mental disorder. Below is an example of a case study of someone with histrionic personality disorder.
According to the American Psychological Association, histrionic personality disorder is a personality disorder indicated by when an adult (either early or older adult) expresses excessive
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