A Research Study On Psychology

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1. Currently, I am majoring in psychology. The occupation I chose was Psychologist. In the future I hope to do research as a Psychologist at a University. I want to do research in the psychology field so I will be able to expand the greater knowledge of the human self.

2. In the occupation psychologist, men occupy about 44% of the work force, while women occupy about 56%. Even though there is little sex segregation, there is a rather large gap in the average income. Men on average earn $49,804.05, while women earn on average only earn $36,885.08. The ratio for every dollar a man earns, a woman only earns about 74 cents.

3. In the broad occupation of psychologist, there is very little sex segregation. However, one can assume that there is a larger sex segregation in the specific jobs in the psychology field. A possible reason that there is this balance is the broad field of psychology has jobs that are mainly male or mainly female, creating this balance. The typical male side would be more so in the research category. Research is primarily science and math based, which as we know, men are more favorable to go into science and math areas than women are. On the other side of psychology, there is the counseling side. Which can be assumed to be mainly women based. A possible explanation can be that counseling is mainly talking about your feelings. This is where the historical nurturing characteristic of women comes in to play. Historically, women do jobs that are similar to
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