A Research Study On Quantitative Research

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A Quantitative Research Study Overview
Sheila E. Brooks
Stanbridge College

Introduction As we continue our discussion in comparing qualitative versus quantitative research, we now focus our attention on quantitative research. In my personal opinion, I feel that quantitative research is harder to understand but breaking the article into sections allows me to understand the basic concepts. This week we will examine and in discuss a quantitative research article. The name of the article is “First-time mothers: social support, maternal parental self-efficacy and postnatal depression” written by authors Leahy-Warren, McCarthy, Corcoran in 2011. First, I take a look at the abstract to get a general overview of
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However, there is little research that provides a clear definition of what is meant by social support (Leahy-Warren et el, 2009). In other words, there is no research which has measured the relationship between social support and maternal parental self-efficacy using a domain–specific instrument developed and supported by self-efficacy model and post-natal depression with first time mothers at six weeks post-delivery
(Leahy-Warren et el, 2009)
Maternal Parental Self Efficacy and Depression By now, some of you may be asking the same question that I had when I first started reading this article. What is meant by maternal parental self-efficacy and post-natal depression? It is important to understand these two definitions in order to understand the article. Maternal parental self-efficacy is a belief that a parent holds about themselves in terms of being able to care for and parent a child (Leahy-Warren et el, 2009). These includes the ability to plan, organize, and execute actions in order to produce the desire results with the belief that there is a strong correlation between the age of the mother and the number of children (Leah-Warren et el, 2009).
I can’t help to think about my own experience as a mother as I read this article. I am a single mother of six children and I can say that my confidence grew more as I
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