A Research Study On Radio Frequency Identification

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This short research paper describes how various industries around the world have changed the way to do their inventories with the implementation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags in their items. This is not only more efficient and accurate, but also easier to use and faster than other methods. The RFID tag has the same function than a long-established barcode administering an exclusive identifier for each item. There are many applications of this fascinating technology in different industries, such as laundries, car-rental companies, farms, amusement parks, healthcare management race timing or libraries. These innovative tags are being used currently in order to make the companies bigger without spending large quantities of…show more content…
Nowadays, the RFID tracking system is widely used since the first patent of RFID in 19831.
The information stored in the tag will depend on its future application. Thus, there are many useful applications of this technology.

II. Application in the laundry industry

RFID has been used in commercial laundries for several years to track high volume of clothes from customers2. Nowadays, RFID-tagging has arrived to hotels, hospitals and different organizations in order to reduce the number of missing items and increase the visibility in a quick an easy way at the time to find the textiles due to the fact that when workers have to do the inventory is a very difficult laborious system when especially when they have to read barcodes or separate linens by type or size. Thus, RFID tags are the most efficient and economical solution to solve the problem. The first RFID tag used in a commercial laundry was created in 20102. Since that, companies have made a great progression in their customer service, reduce the quantity of damage and stolen linen.
First of all, workers have to sew waterproof UHF-RFID tags into each linen, such as: towels, uniforms, sheets, etc. There will not be problems to use these tags in the laundry to 550 wash cycles with high pressure, high temperature and chemicals.3 Each tag has
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