A Research Study On Research Design

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Design This study will use a 3 x 2 between subjects, qausi-experimental, factorial research design. The first independent variable, affect will be manipulated through one of three video clips. These videos induce either a positive affect, negative affect, or neutral (i.e. no affect). Videos were chosen because they have been shown to be a very effective method of inducing emotion under experimental conditions (Verleur, Verhagen, & Heuvelman, 2007). Whether or not the participants have completed a graduate level ethics course will serve as a subject independent variable. The dependent variable will be the number of correctly identified ethical issues on the Ethical Discrimination Inventory. The participant 's views on how strictly they should adhere to ethical guideline when confronted with an ethical dilemma will serve as a covariate in this study. Participants Participants will be recruited from CACREP approved Mental Health Counseling programs in the U.S. The study will require 61 participants (29 males, 32 females, M age = 25.57) who are currently enrolled in a master’s level Mental Health Counseling program; each experimental condition will require 10-11 participants. Each participant will have the chance to win a $100 gift card for his or her participation. Participants will be blocked by whether or not they have completed an ethics course and then from each of those blocks an even number of participants will be randomly assigned to each experimental group.
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