A Research Study On Research Design

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Scientific research is conducted for a variety or purposes, including gathering preliminary information, to help define a scientific problem, describing a structure or phenomenon, develop new scientific methods or tools, testing a scientific theory, and to evaluate the effectiveness of a policy or program. Many methods are used for conducting scientific research. However, research can only be considered valid and “good” if it is conducted ethically. A sound research design must be aligned to its research goals, the practicalities of the research context, and meet scientific and ethical standards. Once research design is properly framed, a researcher can begin his or her research. In order to frame a research study, the researcher must identify the variables, selection of samples, schedule for data collection, and methods for statistical examination. Sound research design is critical as it directly influences the reliability of potential findings. In order to maximize information with minimal cost, time, and effort, research design must be carefully planned and organized. The theoretical and conceptual framework must tie to the research goals and purposes. If it does not, time is lost and reliability decreases. In education, mixed-method designs are most common. Reasons for mixed-method designs are plentiful. First, when a research selects either quantitative or qualitative research methodologies alone, there are limitations within each. When using mixed-methods,
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