A Research Study On Research

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Introduction The objective of qualitative research is to gain a deeper meaning and understanding of a phenomenon by conducting research in the forms of case studies, interviews and observations (Cohen & Crabtree, 2008; Family health international, 2006; Holloway & Wheeler, 2009). Semi-structured interviews are required in qualitative research, as it allows the researcher to ask questions, which can probe and are spontaneous with the intention to gain more meaning. It also enables the researcher to study the participant in their natural setting (Onwuegbuzie & Leech, 2015; Hansen, 2006; Corbin & Morse, 2003) .The intent of a reflection, is to analyse the experience of a novice qualitative researcher by highlighting positive and negative aspects of the research process. By clearly understanding the research method and investigating the integral sections, a novice qualitative researcher will be able to reflect but not only improve their methods. Reflection is imperative so that a researcher is able to advance and perfect their research methods (Seidman, 2013). The study aimed to look at the student experiences of working part-time and studying. Accessing an Appropriate Setting For any researcher, gaining access to an appropriate setting is a fundamental part of the research process (Berg, 1988; Creswell, 2008). This aspect usually presents many challenges to a researcher, such as gaining the trust of the participants, being allowed to conduct the research in the community
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