A Research Study On Rfid Tag

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Brandon Cooke Professor Gupta Living in a Computing World 20 August 14 Blown to Bits Chapter 2 Short answer: 1. A RFID tag is a “Radio Frequency Identification Tag” is a device that is used as a specific identifier of the object it is attached to. It signals can be read when within proximity of a device built to read its radio waves. They are small chips that are built from silicon and are usually used for products in stores, ID cards, and even cars (Abelson, Ledeen, Lewis 25). 2. An EDR is an “Event Data Recorder” that is built to be placed inside automobiles that way in case for a crash they can record specific statistics about the cars speed, breaking, and movement in order to assist those in question after the wreck. It is very…show more content…
Then “Little brotherism” is the same type of surveillance and prodding but done by other citizens or people you know whether they are going through your Facebook profile or searching your public records. Free Response: 5. Personally I feel that for the most part the government or “Big Brother” is well intended when using cameras and such for public safety. But the issue comes from the fact that this data is collected and available to people of power within the government to abuse for previously unforeseen purposes that proposes a risk to me. As we realize the real effect of this technological boom law and legislation will have to keep up in order to maintain privacy for all those involved. 6. In the long run I do find the Privacy Act to be effective. It has made it so archives of identifiable data were taken seriously and makes the different agencies accountable by requiring them to give the public notice. As discussed in chapter 2 we had the “dots” of information about 9/11 but because of the privacy act we weren’t able to dive deeper into all this information and piece together plans for the attack, which shoes its effectiveness. While it is not perfect in the end these kinds of restrictions are necessary in order to protect these archives of identifiable data. 7. Am I worried about my privacy? In short
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