A Research Study On Rfid Tag

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Brandon Cooke
Professor Gupta
Living in a Computing World
20 August 14
Blown to Bits Chapter 2

Short answer:

1. A RFID tag is a “Radio Frequency Identification Tag” is a device that is used as a specific identifier of the object it is attached to. It signals can be read when within proximity of a device built to read its radio waves. They are small chips that are built from silicon and are usually used for products in stores, ID cards, and even cars (Abelson, Ledeen, Lewis 25).
2. An EDR is an “Event Data Recorder” that is built to be placed inside automobiles that way in case for a crash they can record specific statistics about the cars speed, breaking, and movement in order to assist those in question after the wreck. It is very similar to the well-known black boxes in airplanes that are used for similar data in the event of a plane crash (Abelson, Ledeen, Lewis 27).
3. The answer is yes, even with limited information like gender, zip code and birth date you can “re-identify” a person using this information. The example given would be Latanya Sweeney getting Massachusetts voter lists for .75 cents and was able to use the above information to single out Governor Weld and obtain his medical records (Abelson, Ledeen, Lewis 34).
4. In most cases “Big brotherism” refers to the watchful eye of the government on its citizens and the relationship each citizen has with this government. How they are able to track and observe numerous things you do through countless means is the…
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