A Research Study On School Psychology

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A school psychologist is a position, that many students are familiar with, that helps to keep a supportive environment for both students and faculty. "School Psychology is a general practice and health service provider specialty of professional psychology that is concerned with the science and practice of psychology with children, youth, families; learners of all ages," ("School Psychology," n.d.). The school psychologist would meet with students to make sure that they are succeeding academically, socially, and emotionally; this includes both in school and out of school. They would conduct different types of research with children to help push them in the right direction. With children always growing, a school psychologist helps to push them to eventually become productive members of society. Having a school psychologist present in education leads to the creation of an effective school.
School psychologists are a key position to have in a powerful school. They are found in most K-12 public schools and work with students, teachers, families, and other professionals to help improve the wellbeing of the school. Improving the school does not mean just getting better test scores, but helping with mental and behavioral health as well as building on school and family relationships. All students, at some point will hit a sang and a child 's experience while in school will stick with them for the entirety of their lives. That 's where the school psychologist comes in, School

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