A Research Study On School Psychology

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I have always pictured myself working with children, for as long as I can remember. Thus, for the proposed career group project (part 1), my group presented information on the child life specialist profession. However, after much thought, I have decided to change my emphasis from child life to child development and pursue a career as a school psychologist, once I graduate. School psychology is a wide-ranging practice and health service provider concerned with offering an assortment of psychological diagnosis, assessments, and interventions, et cetera to all learners (i.e. children, youth and families) (American Psychological Association (APA), (2015). The educational requirements, as described by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), consists of the completion of a 60 graduate semester specialist-level program in school psychology plus a 1200-hour internship, for a majority of states (2015). Therefore, upon receiving my bachelor’s degree in child and family development, I plan to attend a graduate program that meets the NASP standards for approval, and as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015), clinical, counseling, and school psychologists earn an annual median of $74,030. What Are the Personal Philosophy, Values, and Beliefs? I feel as if school psychology is a great fit for me. It will allow me to provide counseling and support for those students facing emotional distress and/or difficulties that may affect their academic performance.
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