A Research Study On School Track And Field Coach

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Deborah’s Brandt article, Sponsors of literacy, defines a sponsor of literacy to be “any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy- and gain an advantage by it in some way,”(Brandt 407) . Brandt is an English professor at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. My literacy sponsor would have to be my high school track and field coach. On October 2011 my parents sent me here to the states to further my education. Coming from Johannesburg, South Africa, where things were almost completely different. From the food, scenery, to the lifestyle, everything was completely different. I didn’t take any English classes, and we didn’t speak English at home, so I had no idea what people were saying or how to communicate. I was welcomed into the country by my coach (David Castel), who was the one I would be staying with for the duration of my time in high school. He was a good friend of my parents, and they had trusted him to put me through school. A smart, well-educated man, highly respected and regarded. David graduated from Georgetown, and attended grad school in Duke. He valued hard work, respect, and discipline more than anything, he believed that these three were the most important things when getting through life. A lot of the times when I first began school, I would be very irritated and mad that I couldn’t read or understand what people were saying. My coach set up a system
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