A Research Study On Sick Role Theory And The Social Control Of Deviance

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Throughout many readings, methods of study and findings criticism of sick role theory was visible or even implied. However it’s impossible for us to talk about the sick role without seeing the important contribution it has had in helping form a link between physiological, psychological and social processes. From my previous chapters I intended to illustrate Parsons functional study of social system. Here the attempt to understand broader concepts of his theory and criticisms by looking deeper into my questions of sick role application, role of doctors and the social control of deviance.
Does the sick role apply to all illnesses?
The theory Parsons put forward perhaps assumed to neglect certain illnesses such as psychological illness, physical irregularity, chronic illness e.g. hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure etc. Chronic illness may not always allow a person to go back to society and do things at full function as other people but these persons are still considered sick requiring treatment, wanting to get healthier to the best of their ability and trying to have a normal life. From my findings I notice assumption was made by others because of the concept of “getting well and returning to one’s normal social roles’, the focus is on getting well-this means returning to a state of good health allowing you to go about life as a normal person in society and does not mean get cured totally. Thus I believe the sick role ought to be applied to all illnesses with…

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