A Research Study On Sickle Cell Disease

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This research informs the reader about Sickle cell disease. The goal is to raise awareness by describing what the disease is and where it originated. It gives advice on how to recognize signs in a crisis and how to help prevent any further symptoms. This focus uses facts from medical websites such as Web MD and Mayo Clinic. This research highlights every thing there is to know about sickle cell disease through detailed descriptions of where it comes from, how it is passed on, what it does to the body, and what can be done to help prevent it from getting really bad. Sickle cell disease is a blood disorder that is a genetic disease, which is inherited through parents. The bone marrow produces abnormal red blood cells that are a crescent shape. These red blood cells then get suck in the veins and cause many medical difficulties. This review will not investigate any personal experiences or experiences of any person. The sources mainly conclude that there are various researches trying to reveal helpful information for suffering patients. Researchers from the FSCDR administration found out that regular blood transfusions can reduce the occurrence of strokes and attacks in sickle cell patients. Regular monthly blood transfusions can help raise red blood cell counts and therefore reduce sickling and blood clots causing health complications. Further research into preventative remedies includes bone marrow transplants. Written by Vanessa Wasta this research goes in depth about how
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