A Research Study On Social Exchange Theory

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Outline The purpose of this journal 2 is to agree or disagree on the given topics from each group members. Group members Marlene, Nalayini, Amir, and Citiara has selected topics from week 7 & 9 and have individual views on their topic. The following topics and argument was presented by each group members. Marlene: Social Exchange Theory Argument: Each person in a group perception is different and what we put in a group or relationship is what we get out of it. However all relationship have give and take and how we feel about the group and the role we play does not often seem fair to the individual / group. Amir : Psychoanalytical Theory Argument: This theory says that a person’s previous life experiences impact the current behaviours. I do not believe that this is true because I think if a person can learn a behavior , they can also unlearn a behavior . If we were all products of our environment, there would be no first generation college students for example Nalayini: Social Service Work Agencies faces many challenges Argument: Decrease in funding or funding cut High staff turnover affect client services, moral and increase expenses . How agencies deal with these challenges is related to the agency culture and the theoretical perspectives they hold. Citiara: Learning Theory Argument: I believe that the learning theory observes an molds our behaviors. We learn from what we see. Even Though we have seen something we have the choice of whether to
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