A Research Study On Social Justice Work

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Background: The plan I created for myself to locate interviewees’ ranges and varies a little. As a Criminology major I will be seeking to locate subjects within the field I would like to go in (Lawyers, Judges, and Detectives… etc.) But also I would like to learn more about social justice work (shelter for youth, being involved in civic engagement work and how it feel to be labeled as a “troubled youth.” With the following I will be able to get a better understanding on how I would like to develop my potential career field aspect along with changing the world for the generation after me.

My Plan: In order to get the concept and the importance of one on one interviews. I have developed a format via email that I emailed to three of my friends to practice my interview process on. The email reads the following:
“Subject: Request for Informational Interview
Good Morning:
I am currently an undergraduate student at Cleveland State University, majoring in Criminology. A professor of mine, Robert Kleidman, suggested I contact a few people to conduct an informational interview for my Capstone Research Project.
[A Capstone course uses the explication of research methods to provide a capstone experience to Criminology and Sociology majors. Students integrate and extend knowledge and skills gained through previous courses to deepen their understanding of how social science knowledge is produced by conducting a research project. My main focus for this project is learning more about

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