A Research Study On Sociology

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Sociology is a study that requires detailed scrutiny and exploration. Comparatively, it is as meticulous as science in that it demands that those who aspire to publish a theory research, research, and research again. The same results must be calculated repeatedly and every thought must be correlated and consistent. A sociologist who was remarkably successful at doing such was George Herbert Mead. It was said of his thoroughness at his death by Professor John Dewey that, “he threw himself completely into whatever he had to do in all the circumstances and relations which life brought to him” (Dewey 309). Likewise, in the same setting, Professor Dewey speaks of his thought process stating that “his ideas were always genuinely original; they started one thinking in directions where it had never occurred to one that it was worthwhile even to look” (Dewey 311). Consequently, Mead is responsible for creating a whole branch in sociology called symbolic interactionism. This branch brought attention to the symbols in society and the correlations between them in ways that sociologist had yet to address. Though it is primarily rooted in American thought, the life of George Herbert Mead and his work has revolutionized how sociologist and psychologist consider symbols and their effect on society around the world. Biography The life of George Herbert Mead began in February of 1863. His childhood was molded by a Puritan father and many of his mannerisms later in life stemmed from this.
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