A Research Study On Space Travel And Exploration

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Whether looking as a daydreamer wishing on a shooting star or as a curious scientist wishing to learn more about the world we live in, space represents the hopeful unknown. It truly is, as pop culture has entitled, the final frontier. It holds answers to both the past on how our universe began as well as our future for when Earth can no longer sustain the human race. Space travel and exploration is therefore significant because of the information we can gather from it. Throughout the history of space travel there have been two distinct classes of exploration: human and robotic. Though they are both important in pursuing NASA 's goal of “reach[ing] for new heights and reveal[ing] the unknown…[to] benefit all humankind” as well as the general global population’s posterity, because of limited resources limited missions can be executed (About, 2015). Robotic missions, therefore, should be favored because they are more cost effective and they can explore areas that humans cannot currently feasibly reach. We can cost-wise execute multiple robotic missions for the cost of a human one and research space through those missions to develop technology to prepare for the far future in which human missions become both technologically and financially feasible. In a time when there are significant government budget cuts and furloughs such that some government employees work days without pay, human space travel is a luxury that we barely afford. Even though NASA 's space travel budget may
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