A Research Study On Stem Cell

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As the smallest unit of life, cells make up every organ and body part of a living organism. Among various types of cells of human bodies, a stem cell can turn into any type of specialized cell of human body. A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to develop into any conceivable different kind of specialized cell type. The existence of a stem cell was first discovered by Drs. James Till and Ernset McCulloch from Canada. A stem cell can be distinguished into two types: adult stem cell and embryonic stem cell. An embryonic stem cell also known as pluripotent stem cell is a type of stem cell that has the ability to develop into any cell type of the body. An adult stem cell also known as somatic stem cell and multipotent stem cell, retained from body tissues can only turn into a certain type of cell from the same organ from which it originates. A stem cell is currently one of the hottest topics in the field of biology. Due to its therapeutic uses and so strong treatment solutions tailor-made to various illnesses, stem cell is regarded as one of the promising fields in biology to many scientists. [1,2,3] Scientists have found and are currently finding numerous uses for stem cells. First of all, scientists learn about the process of diseases adversely weakening or disabling the bodily resistance mechanism by using stem cells. By watching stem cells grow into bones and specialized parts of the body, scientists can better understand how diseases affect parts of the body. Also,
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