A Research Study On Stem Cell Research

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Stem cell research has covered many parts of research today and is growing progressively and becoming more common in research today. These cells have the potential to grow and develop into any other cell type in the body and form or make up the tissues of the body and organs. There are millions of people today who suffer from birth defects or diseases because of damaged cells or tissue. Stem cells give researchers the ability cure and replace almost all the cells in the body and help grow new tissue from the damages done by the disease. Although many oppose research of stem cell research and believe that there are other ways to treat people with illnesses, stem cells will give the information needed to cure many diseases including many form of cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many more. When looking deeper into stem cells, there are many different forms of it. Two major ones are the adult stem cells, which are taken from adult tissues and can be used for bone marrow transplant. The other is embryonic stem cells, which are taken from destroyed human embryos. Unlike adult stem cells these cells are compatible with every tissue and organ in the body and can produce all types of cells, but also go through a process which destroys the embryos. According to Congressional Digest, an independent magazine publisher for U.S. Supreme Court debates, explains that “understanding these processes could provide insight into the causes of birth defects, genetic abnormalities, and other
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