A Research Study On Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a stem cell is “a simple cell in the body that is able to develop into any one of various kinds of cells (such as blood cells, skin cells, etc.).” There are two types of stem cells, embryonic and adult. The adult stem cells can can be found in brain, bone marrow, blood, etc. The embryonic stem cells come from a four to five day human embryo during the blastocyst phase (Crosta) . The controversy behind the topic usually stems from the embryonic stem cell research. People argue over whether an embryo at this stage is considered a human or a scientific sample. US news held a poll and these were the results; “Almost three-quarters (72 percent) of the adults surveyed believe that scientists should be allowed to use embryonic stem cells left over from in vitro fertilization procedures to search for potential treatments or ways to prevent diseases such as Parkinson 's disease, Alzheimer 's, diabetes and other conditions.” (Gardner). Although there is controversy behind stem cells, the majority of Americans support scientists in stem cell research. Stem cell research is beneficial because they can help treat Parkinson’s disease, replace or repair damaged organs, and they specialize undifferentiated cells.

The term stem cell was first used in 1868, it was used to describe a fertilized egg that transformed into an organism (Boston Children’s Hospital). Although the term…
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