A Research Study On Student Performance Essay

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Methodology In this study there are several participants, six teachers and around 350 students. The data being analyzed consists of three different points of data that enables the research to be more reliable and provides a more accurate view of student performance in the classes with direct instruction as the method of teaching, and classes where the teacher utilizes hands-on instruction as their primary method of teaching. To conduct this research, there have been six teachers selected from Mena Middle School. Two of the teachers are novice teachers, having less than three years experience in the classroom. Two of the teachers are experienced teachers having more than three, but less than twenty years in the classroom. The last two teachers are veteran teachers. They have at least twenty years of experience in the classroom, and often have a set way of teaching that does not very much from year to year. These six teachers teach in the tested areas of Literacy, Math, and Science. Next, three other teachers have agreed to observe each of these classes once a quarter through the year. They are to take explicit notes over what they see in the classroom, this includes on-task and off-task behavior, disruptive behavior, student engagement, teacher-student interaction, and student-student interaction. This information is then converted into numerical data in which they identify the percentage of students performing each of the previously listed behaviors. This data is
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