A Research Study On Student Satisfaction Through Scheduling

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Chapter Four In chapter four, the results of the data are displayed, from a selection of participants, by dispersing questionnaires to the participants. The goal of the questionnaires was to allow the participants to give their thoughts and opinions on “Ways of increasing patient satisfaction through scheduling”. After gathering the information, the responses were put in frequency tables for better viewing and understanding. Variables The data collected described demographic variables of the sample and to evaluate the influence it had on the research findings. The demographic data consisted of: years of experience and job type. Years of Experience The years of experience had influence on the research when it came to scheduling…show more content…
Questionnaire one was sent to physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapists assistants (PTAs) asking for feedback on the scheduling system. To better understand the concerns, the hope was to get involvement from 20 therapists; however, eight therapists responded. Additionally, questionnaire two was sent the Rehab Schedulers (RS) along with the Rehab Support Assistants (RSAs), which 12 participants were more than happy to reply. Each set of participants was given 10 business days to return the completed questionnaires. Quantitative Data Analysis Each group of participants was sent different questionnaires, which can be seen in Appendix A. These questionnaires were sent throughout rehabilitation services asking for feedback, with the hope of receiving ten responses from the therapists and five responses from schedulers. The questionnaire was to examine their opinion on why patients are not being able to schedule appointments within a reasonable timeframe of one week. Answering Research Question/Testing Hypotheses In this portion of this chapter I will discuss the results of the quantitative research designs responses to the research questions and consider to what extent the results answered the hypotheses, which was given in chapter one. The question that was proposed for my research is: Can effective and creative scheduling help with increasing patient satisfaction? In addition to the overarching research question, there were two
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