A Research Study On Students ' Perception Of Blind Date Poetry

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he researcher was a nonparticipant observer of two class sessions facilitated by Ms. Hardison. During the lesson, the researcher took field notes that focused on student comments while engrossed in the lesson. A survey (see Appendix 1) was also constructed and used that contained five Likert-scale questions (1=Not At All; 2= Somewhat; 3= Very/Extremely) and three open-ended questions. Students completed the survey upon the conclusion of the introduction to poetry lesson at the end of class.
Data was analyzed using an ethnographic approach with a realist design to determine high school students’ perception of Blind Date Poetry introduction compared to other forms of poetry introductions they had previously experienced. Field notes and open ended questions were coded through identifying relevant comments that was organized into categories. Likert-scale questions were analyzed through an excel program to determine the participant 's’ view of the introductory lesson.

Findings The findings concerning student perspective of the active learning poetry introduction were highly positive. The open-ended questions in the survey asked students what they liked about the lesson, and a majority stated that the introduction was fun. One student stated, “I was engaged the whole time and did not get bored at all. Time flew by and reading the different poems was very interesting! Loved todays lesson!” These perspectives were supported by the Likert-scale section of the survey as 80…

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