A Research Study On The Concert Band ' By Dawn Kent

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Second Experiment
 Participants
Participants in this study headed by Dawn Kent consisted of a concentration of 100 students found on the campus of Liberty University. All students who were used in this study consented fully to participation; however, they were not compensated for their cooperation. Subjects were taken from several classes viz. the “concert band”, a “chemistry class”, a physiological statistics class, and from common areas including the “computer lab, dining hall, and dormitories”. This method of gathering participants led to a larger number of music, biology, health, and psychology majors than others. In order to encompass a wider variety of age groups, students in varying degrees of college completion (junior, freshmen, etc.) were assembled for this study. Of the volunteers, 43 were male and 57 were female. In addition, 90% of the group were between ages 17 and 22, 7% were between 23 and 25, and the remaining 3% were 26 years of age or older. Of the 100 students included in this study, 26 were freshmen, 21 were sophomores, 23 were juniors and 30 were seniors [9].
A total of 15 majors were spoken for between the 100 participants. Because of the manner the subjects were gathered, there was higher concentration of students majoring in music, biology, and psychology. Overall, 15 students majored in music, 12 in biology, 11 in psychology, 10 pursued majors in communications, 8 majored in business, another 8 in education, 7 in health, 6 in computer science, 6…
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