A Research Study On The Family Process Essay

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Other tools that can assist The Bowenian therapist to evaluate the family process are questions, experiments and displacement stories. During the course of therapy, the clinician asks many questions. The therapist can ask process questions as a way to lessen anxiety and learn how the family operates (Miller, 2010). Relationship experiments are another useful tool to foster insight. A relationship experiment is an assigned behavioral task to identify and modify current dysfunction among family system members. Displacement stores are when the therapist uses stories of other families or individuals in similar situations that overcame their difficulties and how they accomplished that. The use of displacement stories is useful for educating the family about their own emotional process, their roles in regard to the issues, and framing process questions while not raising their defenses (Nichols, 2013).
The levels of differentiation vary among family members, however all the members of Kristen’s family show signs of fusion. Fusion can manifest as isolation or dependency; George, Kristen’s father is cut-off, presumably. He is an alcoholic, and this is a classic method of a fused individual to try and alleviate stress. It is possible that Ronnie’s unnamed father is cut off as well, not enough information is presented to be able to determine this. Sophie, the oldest daughter, is emotionally distancing herself from the rest of the family and counting the days she can escape the family
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