A Research Study On The Lgbt Homeless Youth Essay

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These costs and effects are in are in another research project. Markus Bidell, Professor of Education at CUNY, research stress levels in the LGBT Homeless Youth. “Is There an Emotional Cost of Completing High School? Ecological Factors and Psychological Distress Among LGBT Homeless Youth,” was a conducted study of LGBT homeless youth experiences in during high school (Bidell 366). Bidell reported that 40 percent did not compete high school, and most did not search for support from GSAs and school staff (Ibid). His concluding finding found that sexual minorities stress comes from harassment in their community, while at school has little effect (Ibid). While school life has become less hard on the mental health of LGBT youth, the community (house and street life) forces them to be challenged by more factors. The first three sets of theory incorporated the levels, shifting levels of identities shaped by outside agencies for LGBT youth. Another social factor that impending on young sexual minorities are the threats of poverty. These threats cause LGBT youth to experience vulnerability and detriment to their identities. Corliss et al. research validates that statement. In their article, “High Burden of Homelessness Among Sexual-Minority Adolescents: Findings From a Representative, Massachusetts High School, Sample,” they review the prevalence of homelessness in LGBT and heterosexual adolescents (Corliss et al. 1683). Their findings include: 40% LGBT student in the Massachusetts

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