A Research Study On The Null And Alternative Hypothesis

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There are a variety of topics that are interesting in life. This interest may then become a point of inquisition, where an individual may formulate a relationship between two variables, which may or may not influence each other. Next, a hypothesis is formed and tested. In this same manner, a school educator was interested in determining the potential relationship between grade point average (GPA) and IQ scores among ninth graders. The educator random sampled 30 ninth graders, ages 14 years old and administered the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV). This writer will be expanding further on this topic and will formulate the null and alternative hypothesis, describe the four scales of measurement, describe whether if there is a correlation significant (positive, negative, or no correlation) enough between both variables, describe the strength of the relationship, describe what the results reveals about the hypothesis, and what conclusions can be drawn from the results. Null and alternative hypothesis The null hypothesis would reflect as if there is no difference between both variables (Malec & Newman, 2013). The null hypothesis would indicate that there is no relationship between GPA and IQ. The alternative hypothesis would indicate another option, which is contrary to the null and may or may not be directional (Malec & Newman, 2013). The alternative hypothesis would be, that there is a relationship between GPA and IQ. This writer agrees with
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