A Research Study On Transgender Orientation

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The terminology throughout gender is constantly evolving as is the understanding of the growing issues and therefore is inconsistent throughout the literature. Transgender may refer to people who embrace a different gender identity on a full time basis to that appointed at birth, which may be ambiguous or gender specific, but without any medical intervention. Transsexual is often used to differentiate those who have taken medical intervention to live full time in the fixed gender different to that assigned at birth. Transvestite or cross-dresser may be used to describe someone whose gender transgression is of a temporary nature (Beasley, 2005). More recently however the literature has accepted the use of the term transgender to refer to all people who demonstrate gender transgression. While others deny the use of ‘transgender’;
For the purposes of this study the researcher will refer female-to-male transgender (FTM) to anyone who was assumed to identify as a girl, having been assigned female sex at birth, but who now identifies as a male. Male-to-female (MTF) transgender will be used to discuss those who’s were assumed to have male identity at birth but now identify as female. Trans will be used as an umbrella term that refers to all people whose gender expression transgresses the social norms of their natal sex.
This topic interests me because I have friendships with people who are transgender and therefore aware of some of the difficulties they have face and continue to
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