A Research Study On Ubc Marketing Department

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My name is Kyobeom (or K.B.) Koo, and I am pursuing a PhD in marketing to become an expert researcher in consumer behaviour. My goal is to generate research insights to help consumers, managers, and institutions make better decisions. Given my career goal, pursuing a PhD at UBC represents the next logical step. UBC is a highly-regarded institution that can provide me with the skills and environment I need to become a productive researcher. Upon earning my degree, I will contribute to the UBC marketing department brand as an active researcher publishing in top academic journals and as an inspiring educator on the faculty of a leading global business school. Present At Queen’s University, I am currently working on my master’s thesis, with the working title of “Paying to Jump the Queue: Consumer Perceptions of Fairness in Various Social Contexts”, under the supervision of Prof. Laurence Ashworth. My interest in the topic stems from observing social phenomena where increasingly more firms and governments employ product versioning to maximize profits or to increase efficiency. One type of product versioning, the queue-jumping option, was of particular interest to me because it often caused an uproar from the customers, mostly criticizing the firms on fairness grounds. I became curious as to why such an option resulted in negative reactions under certain circumstances when a similar option in concept has always been available in freight and courier industry. An initial literature

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