A Research Study On Using Northcentral University ( Ncu ) Dissertation

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Using Northcentral University (NCU) Dissertation Center, a student could access several resources to guide them through the rigorous process of developing a research topic, develop a research question, gathering information to examine the research question(s) and develop a hypothesis all the way to guidelines for submitting a dissertation for review. For this paper the NCU Concept Paper Template will be examined for its instructions on how to detail research methods for quantitative and qualitative studies.
Quantitative Research
Researchers or research teams who elect a quantitative study are going to determine the relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable within a population (Babbie, E.R., 2010). There are two types of quantitative study designs: descriptive and experimental. A descriptive design typically measures the subject once and establishes the association between the independent and dependent variables (Mujis, D, 2010). An experimental design measures the subject before and after a treatment and establishes causality between the variables (Brians, C.L. et al, 2011).
A quantitative study has objective stances, logic, and numbers focusing on unchanging data and details (Babbie, E.R., 2010). The aim of quantitative research is to classify features, count the features, and construct statistical models to explain what was observed (McNabb, D.E., 2008). It has eight characteristics:
• Data collection using structured research instruments

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