A Research Study On Veterinary Field

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Recently, a Golden Retriever presenting with labored breathing and a distended abdomen came into my clinic. After some diagnostics the veterinarian concluded she was either suffering from right-sided heart failure or a tumor, causing an enlarged liver and abdominal edema. Unfortunately, the dog was euthanized and a necropsy was performed to confirm a diagnosis of tumors on the right side of the heart and vena cava. I realize that it is experiences like this that expand my interest in the veterinary field as I become more involved. In this situation I wanted to know more about how the tumors formed and what treatments would have been possible. I not only have a love for medicine and animals, but also a curiosity for the things I see and the underlying mechanics of it all. I did not fully realize until I started working in veterinary clinics in college how my curiosity and ability to think critically would grow my love for the field and solidify my commitment to becoming a veterinarian. Two specific unique experiences prepared me significantly for a professional program. As a Pre-Vet Club officer I was held to professional level of conduct, which included communication, commitment and behavior. I had a pretty good handle on these ideas before, but this experience brought me to a new level. It also taught me how to balance school work and handle responsibilities outside of school on a career level. Likewise, I learned a lot of valuable skills technically and personally
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