A Research on Marketing Mix of Ntv International Television Channel Ltd

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“A research on Marketing Mix of NTV International Television channel ltd”

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Marketing Research Report on

“Marketing Mix of Ntv International Television Channel ltd”

May 10th, 2012
AHM Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury
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There was no private electronic media in Bangladesh until 1998 when the Awami League government allowed for the first time the operation of private television channel, Ekuskey Television (ETV). The country 's first private and terrestrial TV channel ETV gained popularity for its style of news presentation. It was shut down after the High Court found its licensing process illegal, dealing a serious blow to the growth of private electronic journalism in Bangladesh.
Sources close to the electronic media named a good number of organisations that applied for permission. These are Media One, Liberty Television, Dhaka TeleFilm, Telebangla, Bishal Multimedia, KTV, Bengal News, Janata Televsion, Daffodil Multimedia, Bishal Music, Bijoy Broadcasting Univision, Bangla Television, Maxel Multimedia, Development Media TV Channel, SAS World, TV Bangla, Bangladesh Channel USA, Nationwide Communication, Bangla TV London, Probashi Television Network, National Television, Baishakhi Television, Sonali Television, Gazi Satellite Network and Movie Tone Media Communication.
Experts say the new channels will create more jobs, more competition and more exposure.
At present ATN Bangla, Channel i, Baishakhi, Bangla Vision, Channel 1, NTV, ITV and RTV are now on air, but UTV and JTV have failed to broadcast programmes even a year after the permission. Meanwhile, a Supreme Court verdict cancelled ETV 's contract. In the wake of the ETV episode, the Information Ministry

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