A Research on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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A Research on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) STDs are among the very significant and preventable public health issues affecting the society and the globe at large today. In the development stage of human beings, it is of significance that they involve themselves in sexual activities. At this development stage, it is of note that adolescents mostly are at risk of contracting STDs. This is in all cultures because sexual activity is highest during the adolescent stage. This calls for early intervention to help them deal with this health problem. Educating the adolescents to abstain, and use contraceptives in early sexual activities, are the most important factors to deal with this issue (Oncel, Kulakac, Akcan, Eravsar & Dedeoglu, 2011). Knowledge of STDs does not have to influence the sexual behavior. Most adolescents are ignorant on how STDs transmit. Lack of sexual information is the main cause of the increase in sexual activity among the youth. Many male and female youth ignore the physiological and psychological development of their bodies. This research aims to examine the sexual knowledge and behavior of adolescents towards the subject matter, STDs, to determine some factors including age, sex, and family status affecting the involvement of the respondents in sexual acts (Oncel et. al., 2011). Research work reveals that the awareness of the adolescents about sexuality and STDs appears to be inadequate. This mainly is because of the ignorance of health workers.
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