A Research on the Positive Externalities of Education

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The Externalities of Education:
Externalities of education can be described as the social and civic benefits from an individual's education that assist other societal members in the current and future generations. The involvement of the government in education is mostly justified through the positive externalities argument. As a result of their wide use, it's important to identify and understand these positive externalities from education. While they exist in several forms, these externalities can be basically classified into two kinds of arguments. The first argument is that education enhances civic involvement and contributes to an established and democratic society. The second argument states that an educated workforce is crucial for the development and approval of new technologies.
Positive Externalities of Education: Since externalities of education exist in many forms, there are several positive externalities including "¦

Civic Involvement and Democracy: One of the major positive externalities of public education is that it promotes the development of a stable and democratic society through civic engagement. The main result used to demonstrate this externality is that common education assist in incorporating large number of immigrants into a widespread culture. Actually, it's impossible to develop a stable and democratic society without the least degree of literacy and knowledge for citizens and without universal acceptance of some widespread set of values.…

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