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As a resident of the United States, imagine the nation 's future without water. Land terribly dry and brown with hardly any plants growing. Laws being put in place that would fine you for using too much water and people fighting over what remains of this extremely important resource. Each group trying to persuade the other that their need for water is greater. Well, if you are a resident of California, this is already happening. Farmers, people, and environmentalists all want the water to be used for different things, the only problem is, there isn’t enough. The current drought has continued for about five years now, with extremely high temperatures and a lack of precipitation. While personal hygiene, common comforts and the fish…show more content…
Farmers should not be restricted any more than they have been already. With the amount of water they are allowed currently, they will be able to provide food for the country and protect the environment. Farmers have the responsibility of feeding the country and those in California share a great deal of that responsibility. Farmers are not only responsible for feeding people, they are also in touch with the condition of the environment and they do what they can to help preserve it. Farmers also use their water responsibly by adopting new technology or cutting back on how much food they produce. The success of the California farmers is vital to the state and the nation; therefore, farmers should not endure more regulations from the government. The farmers of California provide food to the people, care about and help the environment, and do not waste water on unnecessary things. In addition to residents of California, many people throughout the United States depend on the goods grown in the golden state. The amount of food produced in California goes above what is produced in any other state. An article published in USA Today stated, “California produces nearly half of the nation 's fruits, vegetables and nuts” (“Water wars,” 2015). These foods account of almost half of the national supply and if production dropped due to the lack of water, millions of people would be affected. Many foods from California, one being
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