A Resource Setting At Grande Park Elementary Essay

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Comprehensive Analysis Paper Introduction: My Preclinical Three experience took place in a resource setting at Grande Park Elementary. During my visits, I had the opportunity to observe first through fifth grade students that were identified as needing additional support in reading. This setting provided a very diverse population of students because of the varying levels of abilities. Although the majority of the students were identified as having a learning disability, four of the students were diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, and one as having OHI (other heath impairments). In all of the student groups, female students were out-numbered by male students two to three. Organization is a key component in Ms. VeZain’s room. She believes that a well- organized room is essential to the success of her students. This structure allows for her students to become more independent because they do not have to rely on staff assistance for finding and putting supplies away. This structure also promotes organizational habits in her students; they quickly learn that organization helps them to be successful in school and other aspects of their lives. Some ways her organizational strategies include: using color coordinated folders and baskets, and labeling all important areas of the classroom.
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