A Respiratory Therapist

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The average day of a respiratory therapist can be very stressful. When Melissa goes into work she never knows what “she maybe walking into,” it can be a code in the er to a newborn being born in nursery. This is what makes my job so interesting said melissa. Melissa attended college at the University of Indiana where she was born and raised. She decided to go to this college with a couple of her close high school friends. After she had graduated she moved to Illinois because her parents had moved while she was in college to be closer to family. Melissa decided to find a job close to her parents. She applied at the hospital and got a call back within a couple weeks to come in for an interview. The interview went great she said and then a week later she accepted her first respiratory therapist job.According to www.learn.org the job growth rate is expected to increase 19% between 2012 to 2022. Melissa says she has already seen this growth rate increase within her hospital and around the area needing more therapist. The first day of her job was coming in to fill out all kinds of paperwork and then learning how to use the computer system. So that she can chart all of the treatments she has done along with vital sign, lung sounds and post assessment of the patient. Then once you get this part down you then go on to the job training. “Some co workers are better than others when they train you some can be very rude at times when you have questions or don’t remember how to chart…
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