A Response to Suze Orman's Article Essay

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A Response to Suze Orman’s Article In “How to Take Control of Your Credit Cards”, CNBC host and bestselling author Suze Orman provides her professional opinion on how the we can take responsibility and eliminate credit card debt. With Orman’s advice and a little discipline all debts, either by choice or circumstance, can be cleared up in as little as just a few months. To start taking control of your debts you must learn to bring your interest rates down, protect those new low rates, and possibly seek help extra help through a credit counselor. First, she encourages everyone to try bringing their rates down “as low as possible”. Orman explains how it can be easy to negotiate a lower rate with your current card issuer if you carry at…show more content…
In her article she relies mostly on tips and tricks she has picked up throughout the years in her career. While it might seem that a lot of the advice given in the article is common sense and widely available to the public, Suze can convey her message in a way that is more relatable to the average person. From the voice in her article to the simplicity of her ideas; everything is laid out on the table for us to easily work with. The public may know these solutions are out there, but using her celebrity, she can inform us in a more personal level simply because she is a familiar face millions of people will see on television. I personally haven’t had the pleasure of sitting at the table for hours at a time, shuffling my accounts around so I could pay off one debt with another. I did however get a front-row seat when my brother was caught up with his credit card bills. This was at a time when 16 year-olds with expensive taste and very little income were receiving pre-approved credit card already with their names printed on them. After my mom rejected him countless amounts of times he sent in his application without her knowledge. The changes began almost instantaneous. On Saturday he received his card and started out small. A couple new pairs of jeans and a few Polo shirts were added to his closet. Then on Sunday, he

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