A Responsibility Of Business Society : A Review And Issues Essay

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A Responsibility of Business to society: A Review and issues

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a concept that has been around for well over 50 years, has become prominent again recently. Peter Utting (2005) notes that an increasing number of transnational corporations (TNCs) and large domestic companies, supported by business and industry associations, are adopting a variety of so-called voluntary CSR initiatives that incorporate, for example, ‘codes of conduct; measures to improve environmental management systems and occupational health and safety; company ‘triple bottom line’ reporting on financial, social, and environmental aspects; participation in certification and labeling schemes; dialogue with stakeholders and partnerships with NGOs and UN agencies; and increased support for community development projects and programes’. The revival of CSR is reflected also in its recent prominence in public debate. CSR has also generated a very extensive literature in recent times. For example, a search on Google Scholar for the phrase ‘corporate social responsibility’ produced 12,500 citations. A more general search of the internet on Google for the phrase ‘corporate social responsibility’ produced 12,900,000 results. A general search for the phrase ‘corporate social responsibility’ on Australian sites produced 97,800 hits. This research paper is a conceptual paper regarding CSR consists the introduction, historical background of CSR, arguments
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