A Restaurant Analysis:

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, Ruby Tuesday, and Hard Times Café represent three franchise-operated, chain restaurants in the DC metropolitan area. This paper examines the organizational goals, authority structure, field research, customer seating patterns, technology, organizational structure, operational logistics, research limitations and team recommendations.
The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant located is located Bowie, MD and is a franchised restaurant which was established in 1992 by Bill Darden and Joe Lee as part of a large corporation, Darden restaurants, which is a division of McCormick. The restaurant is known for providing 100% quality family dining with a true Italian-themed atmosphere and cuisine.
Ruby Tuesday is a
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Each manger has a subsequent assistant or shift manger, who oversees the staff within each specialized division. One unique aspect of Olive Garden is that all division managers interact with each other to sort out any problems or issues in order to improve the overall customer experience.
Ruby Tuesday’s authority structure is very simple. Managers of corporate- owned and franchised locations make decisions following corporate rules. The corporate hired manager, franchise owner or franchise hired location manager then has authority over all staff within that location.

Like Ruby Tuesday, Hard Times Café is both corporate and franchise owned with the same type of authority structure. At corporate owned locations, wait staff report to management which reports to corporate. All staff within the franchise owned locations report to the manager, who then reports to the franchise owner, who in turn reports to the corporate office. The management from the corporate locations and franchised Hard Times Café locations meet quarterly in order to facilitate new ideas, solve problems, and formulate strategy for the whole organization. This enables franchise owners to take part in the overall operation of Hard Times Café as a whole, which is a unique attribute.

SLIDE 5: The Field Research- Bar Area vs. Table Seating
During our field research, the customer seating patterns for each restaurant were
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