A Resume On A Career

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Ibrahim Tabel
Professor Menz
English 103
29 July 2014
A Career in Investment Banking
1. Introduction
Ever since I was a child my father stressed the importance of education. He urged me to focus on anything that interests me, encouraging me to keep a distance from the job he considered unfit but necessary. My father viewed our liquor store business as a disgrace to both our culture and religion. This hatred only pushed him to further attempt to inspire me, to make me change course and not get stuck into the frowned upon line of work. However, to my father’s dismay, I grew obsessed with the idea of choosing items that were in demand and selling them at higher rates, slowly but surely accumulating profit. As my experience at work grew, I began to understand what the reason for all the hatred was: Dealing with people whose only goal was to ruin my day. With these problems occurring more frequently I decided to search for an outlet, where I could have the things I love about the liquor stores combined with some of my social skills. The light at the end of the tunnel was investment banking. There were many deciding factors that influenced my choice, such as progress, prestige, and inspiration. By majoring in investment banking I will be able to utilize all of the skills I believe I have, fulfill my parents’ desires, and most importantly doing something I enjoy. The basic concept of this career is using one person’s extra money to fulfill another’s desire for immediate cash.…

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