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Ibrahim Tabel
Professor Menz
English 103
29 July 2014
A Career in Investment Banking
1. Introduction
Ever since I was a child my father stressed the importance of education. He urged me to focus on anything that interests me, encouraging me to keep a distance from the job he considered unfit but necessary. My father viewed our liquor store business as a disgrace to both our culture and religion. This hatred only pushed him to further attempt to inspire me, to make me change course and not get stuck into the frowned upon line of work. However, to my father’s dismay, I grew obsessed with the idea of choosing items that were in demand and selling them at higher rates, slowly but surely accumulating profit. As my experience at work grew, I
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Back then people believed that money can be made over night just by investing. According to the Wall Street prep website, everyone used to look up to JP Morgan, the National City Bank, because they were the leaders of the game. JP Morgan was making a great amount of money, so great that he personally saved the country during the calamitous panic in 1907. Banks began to use their federal loans in order to push the stock market forward and make more money, and on black Tuesday of October 29 the stock market crashed which was one of the causes of the Great Depression.
Furthermore, Wall Street prep also explains that During the Great Depression, the nation’s banking system was in confusion, nobody knew what was going to happen next, with 40% of banks failing. The Glass-Steagall Act was done by the government with hopes of bringing all of the banks back to life by creating a wall between commercial and investment banking. The separation was made between the banks because it was time to the desire to win in investment banking and the duty to help and provide service for people in regular banks. According to Walls Street prep, “The regulations against such behavior became known as the Chinese Wall.” They are called the Chinese wall because they block each other like a wall.
Ever since the Glass-Steagall Act was made not many changes happened to investment banking, and every day there are people who make millions of dollars, and people who lose
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