A Retrospective Stephen Recalls 's Behavioral Problems

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In a retrospective Stephen recalls his behavioral problems (bipolarity, at that time unknown) by visiting his school in Uppingham, England where he was expelled. Memories arise of feelings of euphoria and edginess. He remembers wondering alone over the roofs of the school, and how a mixture of feelings between risk and power were present. Stephen meets with his old housemaster, Geoffrey Frowde. They held a conversation around his 2 manic episodes that lead to Stephen expulsion from the school. The first episode took place when Stephen was granted permission to go to London and he never came back. Stephen doesn’t remember the magnitude of the event and just recalls going to the movies; on the other hand his housemaster remembers the difficult situation and how he had to put the metropolitan police on alert. The second episode relates to stealing money from others. Stephen recounts how excited was to be in a room where you are not supposed to be in, looking for things and enjoying the adrenaline rush in his body, a lack of morality is strongly present. At that time nobody suspected of his illness and then he was expelled for what they called bad behaviour. Furthermore, Geoffrey reveals a diagnosis held on Stephen from a psychiatrist during his time in school, describing Stephen as having adolescent depression; characterized as a mild depressive illness rather than just sadness, a behaviour quiet infantile and it was suggested a possible brain damage. After his school
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